Our Community Vision

Love to Think is a global community based out of the growing city of Nashville, TN.


What We Mean to Nonprofit Organizations

  • Love to Think is a global community of volunteers using cutting-edge techniques and methods to tackle many of non-profits biggest challenges.
  • Love to Think combines your passion for your mission with our sustainable community of entrepreneurs, corporations, development organizations, governments, investors, and academic institutions.
  • Nonprofits often need skilled volunteers for longer than a weekend hackathon or relying upon organic volunteer growth. Love to Think can provide a consistent flow of support through both volunteers and software/cloud support.
  • Nonprofits often do not have the resources for-profit corporations do to leverage data through statistical modeling and advanced algorithms. However, utilizing data combined with the subject matter expertise available within nonprofits can help answer questions about programs and communities, improve efficiency, or predict future needs.

What We Mean to Volunteers

  • Love to Think is a global community connecting the talents and passions of our volunteers with non-profits eager to harness the data revolution towards their mission.
  • Love to Think provides a platform for volunteers to leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, behavioral economics, and strategy while impacting their community through partnerships with local service organizations.
  • Data science is a constantly evolving field and access to projects that not only challenge a volunteer’s skills but also provides practical feedback on the impact of the work is essential.
  • Whether you have a few hours or a few months to give, Love to Think is able to apply the skills of talented volunteers to organizations that need access to resources and insights that they can use.